24 Most Creative DIY Planter Ideas

To delight our love of nature, many of us have been taking up gardening, growing at least part of our own food and energize our lawns with fruits, vegetables and flowers. Fancy and creative planters are part of this. There are an endless ways to craft your own planters from found objects around your home, basement or yard. Little work is required to make one and some are involves simple paintings. These 24 DIY planter ideas are so unique that we couldn't resist to share. As the old adage goes for planters: what once was useless can flourish with the life of new plants!

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Recycling Egg Cartons

Egg cartons can also be a problem on waste management because we have a lot of them, and most of us don't know what to do or how to recycle them. Actually there are a lot of creative solutions for this problem. Here are some great ideas of how to recycle egg cartons… watch !!

 Stool Chair

Decorative Lights

Christmas Tree

Garden Decor

Foot Stool

Table for your Garden

Life Size Tank

Egg Cartons Dancing Light

Egg Candle Holder

Egg Cartons Planter

Egg Cartons Flower Light

Egg Carton Lamp

Egg Carton Vase

Egg Cartons Arts

Egg Cartons Planter

Mini Flower Garden 

New Crafty Life for your Old Keys

If you've got a drawer having a tons of keys and don't know what to do with them, well we've got an new crafty life ideas for your old keys. Since we lose track of what old keys fit where and their function is lost... then be inspired and discover a ways and let those tons of keys open the doors to something new and surprisingly different. Here are some DIY ideas for your old keys.

Lighting Fixture


Football Decor

Fruits Bowl

Wine Glass & Bottle Decor


Wall Sculpture


Wall Decor









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