Incredible Head Sculptures from Recycled Toys

Australian artist Freya Jobbins creates an amazing sculptures from old toys. According to Jobbins she was inspired by the same artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. She started by collecting recycled old toys from charity shops, garage sales, on eBay and more until she had enough to create an amazing head sculptures. She love to hunt old toys that's why she keep on searching wherever she go. You can visit for more updates.

The Batman



Dear old Darth






Self Portrait  Jobbins Freya


 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Australian TV personality Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard



Agapi Trigono, Ganymede, Zeus & Hera

All Images are credited to Freya Jobbins

DIY Recycling Old StuffToys

Recycling children's toys is not new to create an amazing work of arts. One example of this is the combination of metal and all sorts of stufftoys animal to form upholstery of this chairs and couches. The chairs and couches are unique that represents the functionality, Location
fun and simplicity.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Creation

Are you aware that 15 million plastic bottles are thrown away each day in the UK and americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. Many artist set an inspiring and creative example like artist Sarah Turner who help a thousand children to create amazing elephant sculpture out of 900 plastic bottles and the fish sculpture rises out of the sand at Botafogo beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This creation will not only reduce waste to enter a landfills but will educate people and will highlighted the importance of waterways and their upkeep.

Amazing Ways to Save Chopsticks

Billions of millions of chopsticks are dump around the world each year. The most widespread use of disposable chopsticks is in Japan, where around a total of 24 billion pairs are used each year. In China, an estimated 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks are produced yearly. (according to Wikipedia). Not sure how many are thrown away in the U.S., but you know it’s not a small number. And a few recycling initiatives around the world directly address this problem. So if you can’t recycle them, upcycle them! Here are some great ideas.

8,000 Chopsticks Into a Collapsible Chair

Canoe made from disposable chopsticks

Chopstick Dress

Chopstick Flower Vase

Chopstick Fruit Basket

Chopstick Koo Bag

Chopstick Table Lamp

Chopstick Sandals

Chopstick Stools

Chopstick Lighting

Chopstick Wall

Chopstick Wine Rack

Chopstick Bins

Chopsticks Create Stunning Wooden Clouds Inside LA’s Tsujita Restaurant

Hashi Mori Chopstick Forest

 Chopstick Folding Basket

Chopstick Wall Art

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